Wednesday, November 21, 2007



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From so much tourism place in region of town kendari, Batu Gong beach represent one of place reached easiest. only pass the time about 15 minutes we will reach the beach. Besides owning the beauty of beach with white sand carpet and also the line of coconut trees. At both sides this beach there are bank petrify, at one of this bank compose will sound such as gong if beated use wood stick. because of that people there naming this beach is Batu Gong beach. Besides fresh fish grill, typical food which you obliged to try if coming is sate pokea, likely very delicious and surely if enjoyed with burasa or gogos.

But one of insuffiency in this beach is adequate facility not yet available to all turis for example facility of lodging and also facility of sport water. If only managed in good professional by governmental or from private sector do not close the possibility of will be able to add amount of local goodness tourist as well as foreign countries which automatically will add original earnings of district. It is true very regrettably if this matter experienced of by a tourism object owning a lot of unique thing which might not be met in various beach even also in Indonesia and might possibly the only one in the world.

Hopefully every unique thing owned in beach of Batu Gong can always be awaked and managed truly so that return to become pride of town kendari specially and south-east sulawesi generally.

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