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Culture Values Of Tolaki Tribe

Culture Values Of Tolaki Tribe
in South-East Of Sulawesi
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In Town of Kendari consisted some tribes, One of them is Tolaki tribe, this tribe represent original tribe of continent South-East Sulawesi besides terms from Buton Island with tribe of buton and Muna island with tribe of Muna। About 10 of century continent of South-East Sulawesi own two big Tolaki empire that is Konawe ( region of regency Konawe) and Mekongga ( region of regency Kolaka), in this article will study in a word about values of culture Tolaki.

On the way the history empire Konawe located in Unaaha between year 1602/1666 have applied governance peripheral what recognized with “SIWOLE MBATOHU”, that is :
1) Tambo I ´Losoano Oleo (east)
2) Tambo I´ Tepuliano Oleo (west)
3) Bharata I´Hana; (north)
4) Bharata I´ Moeri (south)
Midst of their social life there are one symbol where owning ability to firm up from various problem, symbol capable to lift they prestige and honour. That symbol named is : " KALO SARA" and also this culture Tolaki which born from kindness, mirror as creature rasa and karsa, will base on peacefulness, prosperity, togetherness and assocciation in going into society.

In societal life interaction there are a lot of august value representing Life philosophy. and become guide or reference, and culture philosophy tribe of tolaki poured in a term or imagery, for example that is.
O’SARA Culture, that is Cultural for obedient and devoted to decision of Adat institute. Socialize tribe of Tolaki more opting finishing each problems by way of Adat before delivered to government in the case of dispute and also the social collision arising out in Tolaki society, for example in problem of land dispute, or problem of selfregard. Socialize of Tolaki will respect and obey each decision of Adat institute. Its meaning socialize of tolaki represent society which the peaceful love and always chosen peaceful way in finishing their problems.

Kohanu Culture (mousy culture), since ahead Mousy Culture represent core of defender from every person socialize tolaki each moment what anywhere act and reside in always be taken care of to be, looked after and defended This can be proved with attitude socialize Tolaki to be aggrieveded if told , idler, deceiver, drunkard, gambler, impecunious, affronted, grinded. mousy culture can be told as motivator to every person socialize tolaki to always become more creative, inovatif and impelled always improve their resource .

Merou Culture (Understand manner and arrange association), this culture represent culture to always behave and do on respectably and decent, esteeming and respect humanity। this as according to life philosophy of tolaki tribe in the form of imagery for example the folowing :
“Inae Merou, Nggoieto Ano Dadio Toono Merou Ihanuno”
Meaning :
any person who behave respectably to others, hence the others will a lot of behaving respectably to it।
“Inae Ko Sara Nggoie Pinesara, Mano Inae Lia Sara Nggoie Pinekasara”
Meaning :
Who lawabiding “adat” hence surely be protected and advocated by law, but who is not be obedient to customary law hence will be sanctioned / penalization.
“Inae Kona Wawe Ie Nggo Modupa Oambo”
Meaning :
Who Did goodness of ethic kindness will to get kindliness।

“Samaturu” “Medulu Ronga Mepokoo’aso” Culture (culture of coalesce, like to help and assist each other)। Society of tolaki in face every problems of social and government for example : nuptials, death ceremony, Adat festival etc, and also in executing role and function as citizen always coalescing, help and assist each other.

“taa ehe tinua-tuay” Culture (Proud Culture to prestige and spirit as a tolaki)। This culture in fact enter into " culture kohanu" but there is elementary difference since this culture implicit nature of self-supporting, pride, self confidence and kindhearted as a tolaki.

Hopefully from so much culture values in Tolaki Society what I write this time can open eyes and give a little picture about Cullture of tolaki Tribe।

Life manner socialize in Kendari town specially and the South-East Sulawesi Generally not merely influenced by august values tribe of Tolaki but also by other tribe society is which all of them become glue energy in socialize life in this district . Reconciliation between one religion people with other religion, also give separate colour in the middle of- belief and confidence for surrender to their God.

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