Wednesday, October 6, 2010

more about History of Kendari

Kendari Bay used to be called by the Dutch East Indies "Vosmaer Baai". Far back in time has not yet found Kendari Bay by Vosmaer, Kendari Regional formerly part of the Kingdom government Konawe located in the inland of capital Unaaha. Which have now become autonomous district (Konawe) since 1995.

Kendari city, formerly named Kandai. Taken from the name of the bolt tool or boat from bamboo (mostly) along the three fathoms. There are also some people who call Kantahi. This means that the coastal region.

Friday, October 1, 2010

"Taawu" a machete of Tolaki

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Called Taawu with a degree "Wira Ninggagai Niharono Tapuaka" (Muna: who violate the rules will be destroyed.) In the handle (grip) there are three bonds with three types of fur. Each bond circled Taawu hilt. First Institute of chicken feathers, horsehair second bond, and bonding the third is human hair.