Friday, October 1, 2010

"Taawu" a machete of Tolaki

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Called Taawu with a degree "Wira Ninggagai Niharono Tapuaka" (Muna: who violate the rules will be destroyed.) In the handle (grip) there are three bonds with three types of fur. Each bond circled Taawu hilt. First Institute of chicken feathers, horsehair second bond, and bonding the third is human hair.

In addition to the three bonds with three kinds of feathers, on the handle also has a brass ring. Judging from its structure, which is believed to belong Haluoleo Taawu is made of iron but has a unique texture. At first glance be seen, it looks like Taawu made of iron granules. Including the handle, Taawu have more than one meter long. Parang Haluoleo property is now stored neatly together with a number of swords, spears, shields, belts royal throne of gold with ruby jewels in Kamali, former residence of King Muna, La Ode Pandu.

One of the sons of former king Muna La Ode Pandu, Dr.LM.Baharuddin, MKes. who today sworn in as Regent Muna, said not many know the meaning of every object mounted on the handle of the machete Taawu.

No body known exactly waht the meaning of trhee types of fur on the handle of the Taawu, but all provide a sense of power.

At the time of the inauguration of the king, Taawu was taken around the arena inauguration by an officer who had been appointed. When around while wielding a machete Taawu is the message delivered. "Whos does not agree with this appointment, say on today, do not wait until tomorrow". So, if anyone does not agree with the inauguration, then the problem must be solved first. He will around the arena with Taawu will continue to be repeated until there are absolutely no problems which are hindering future king. When no longer a problem, future king who waited in a mosquito net, was issued and on crutches to the inauguration.

According to the story by word of mouth, a machete Taawu is owned Haluoleo (Tolaki) aka Murhum (Buton) aka Lakilaponto (Muna) taken from the Kingdom Konawe. Machete Taawu of Murhum used this aka Haluoleo aka Lakilaponto to cut the head of La Bolontio. Taawu Haluoleo also is a gift when he became king in Konawe.

From its shape, Taawu is Tolaki machetes. When Murhum (Haluoleo / Lakilaponto) crossed over to Muna, carrying machetes Taawu followed a 20 pairs of Tolaki people who later settled in Konawe (Muna). Haluoleo with 20 pairs of ladies in waiting to cross the Muna also carry buffalo, and that was the embryo of buffalo in Muna. Konawe Village is located outside the fortress city of the community Muna, Muna City called the old village. Now, the Konawe village in District Kusambi . And indeed, as descendants Tolaki, native people "Konawe" white. That history to Konawe name is on Muna.

When in Buton do contest, "Who can cut the head of La Bolontio will be appointed to be king", Murhum alias Haluoleo alias Lakilaponto with his Taawu successfully takes the machete to cut the head of La Bolontio. Because in Buton had converted to Islam then when it Murhum sworn in as the Sultan of Buton.


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