Thursday, November 19, 2009

National Park of “Rawa Aopa Watumohai”

Rawa Aopa Watumohai, pariwisata kota sulawesi tenggara
Rawa Aopa Watumohai, pariwisata kota sulawesi tenggara National Park of Aopa Watumohai Swamp is conservation and continuation of nature area in District of South Konawe (Konawe Selatan), South East Sulawesi- Indonesia, was formed by 4 types of ecosystems, namely the savanna forest, surrounded by low, forests, mountains, swamps and mangroves. 
Watumohai inhabited by diverse flora-specific (89 family, 257 genus and 232 species), at type vegetation forest with mangrove noted multifarious plants such us tonke (bruguiera gimnorhiza), peropa (sonneratia spp.), lara teki (rhizophohara apiculata), nipah (nypa fruticans), etc. at type vegetation of savannah forest predominated by multifarious plant such as; alang-alang (imperata cylindrical), totele (cyperus rotundus), tio-tio (fymbristilis ferrugenea), kuralangga (axonpus compressus), and gelagah (saccharum spp). While at type vegetation forest of low mountain tropical rain live and expand very immeasurable composition plant, such as; multifarious of rotan (cane type), liana, and other type of low plant.

Rawa Aopa Watumohai, pariwisata kota sulawesi tenggara, scarce bird, endemic bird So also with fauna collection, Aopa Watumohai swamp inhibited by endemic fauna, noted 155 bird type inclusive of 32 scarce bird type and 37 endemic category type. For example maleo (macrocephalon maleo), “tong-tong” stork (leptotilos javanicus), “sandang lawe” stork (ciconia episcopus episcopus), king of white choker prawn = raja udang kalung putih (halcyon chloris chloris), white big cockatoo = kakatua putih besar (cacatua galerita triton), red chest Hawk = elang alap dada merah (accipeter rhodogaster rodhogaster), black pigeon of Sulawesi = merpati hitam sulawesi (turacoena mandensis), and gold punai = punai emas (coloena nicobarica). There is one endemic bird type becoming typical characteristic in South-East Sulawesi, what previously have never been seen in range of tens of year time, but now earn met in national park of Aopa Watumohai Swamp, that is Eyeglasses Sulawesi (zosterops consobrinorum).

Rawa Aopa Watumohai, pariwisata kota sulawesi tenggara, primate, black monkey, monyet hitam, Rawa Aopa Watumohai, pariwisata kota sulawesi tenggara, bird Not merely immeasurable of bird type dwelling in Rawa Aopa (Aopa Swamp) there are also type primate such as; tangkasi/podi (tarsius spectrum spectrum) and black monkey = monyet hitam (macaca nigra nigra), besides primate some protected animal life here that is; lowland anoa = anoa dataran rendah (babulus depressicornis), mountain anoa = anoa pegunungan (babulus quarlesi), soa-soa (hydro saurus amboinensis), cretinous polecat = kuskus kerdil (strigocusvus celebensis celebansis), deer (cervus timorensis djonga), babirusa (babyrousa babyrussa celebensis), etc.

So.…!!! a beautiful natural form of various configuration feature flora, fauna many interesting attractions that inhabit tropical forests and the wilderness nature of the condition is quite challenging, is the reason for the row it adventure and scientific researchers to explore the National Park of Aopa Watumohai Swamp.

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ullah said...

i've been to this very awesome place around four or five years ago back on college. i visited mangroves forest, saw monkeys and birds and the best part was when we use the truck togo back after walking around the area, we saw those deer in groups running around the savana..that was incredible moments...

Oentoe_09 said...

thanks for visit this blog bro...

Eric said...

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Oentoe_09 said...

@ Eric.. Thanks for Ur info, I hope can usefully to anyone who read Ur comment

dieuw said...

nice blog,

I was wondering if it is easy to get to Rawa Aopa?

I wish to go there this summer with tree friends for 4 or 5 days.

doe's anybody has tips for me? ! would realy like it!! please

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