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3 Component of “Kalosara”

3 Component of “Kalosara”

“kalosara” represent highest symbol in society tolaki, since ahead till in this time remain to be used by society Tolaki. Before now, “kalosara” used as a means peace in finishing difference understand between group socialize in the case of political problem, along era growth by all clan of king “kalosara” do not only be used as a means of peace but have experienced of extension function as a means of ceremony in king appointment and as a means of communication between king with his people. Later by all elite figure, “kalosara” treated as a means of communications of inter-communities, usher one family with other family, and individual with other individual, usefulness of “kalosara” till come up with mysticism elements where by all soothsayer of agriculture and disease soothsayer in conducting his practice use “kalosara” and finally “kalosara” coutinuing find experience of extension mean till be used in the field of technology, religious, and artistry. In the form of “kalosara”, composed by 3 component with meaning which deeply and holy. 3 component is :
1. Circle, made of 3 small circular cane with pale yellow colour what contorted and each back part united in one tying node. Circle own meaning as mirroring soul and spirit of association and union from 3 element in a empire or governance, that is :
a. Element of leader ( king or arbiter)
b. Element of executor / organizer of king or the arbiter power ( functionary , Adat worker, peripheral institute of Adat).
c. Element of Democracy, representing mirroring soul of philosophy democratize society Tolaki which have The Infinite soul.
2. Kalosara Pallet, from cloth of white colour, owning meaning as symbol of sincerity, chastity, justice, and truth.
3. Pallet under Kalosara, also called "Siwole" that is place in form of parallelogram what made from matting leaf of forest palm, owning symbol as mirroring from soul of nationality, social justice, and the general prosperity for all citizen of society Tolaki.
Though in this time, role of “kalosara” shifting as effect of science and technological growth, and also adaptation of external culture into local culture bring impact in life socialize tolaki, but position of “kalosara” representing original culture of district always remain to be defended by all party since this culture ancestors heritage and our identity as cultured human being. Hopefully this short article can give a little describtion about culture of tolaki tribe as one of the some exist culture especially in region of kendari and generally sulawesi south-east.

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