Monday, December 29, 2008

Little hacks for makeover standart “Thisaway” templates.

Finally my desire to make over this blog earn existed. This is my first blog in English language and for that I really sorry if what I write like “break ship”. I dont make new template (because I can't) just remove,put and replace new image in the right place.

According theme of this blog “All about Kendari”, I need to make some impression at first sight for everyone who visit this blog, and deciding Tolaki tribe as my themes for this template, like what you see now.
This templates name is “Thisaway-Green” created by Dan Rubin ( and my references how to hacks blog from Doug Cloud blog (

Thursday, December 25, 2008

13 tips blogging for money

If you want to make your blog have more opportunity if expect money to your blog especially if you join as publisher like adSens, AdBrite, TLA etc, maybe you need to read and do this point into your blog:

  1. Write well and write often, Good content is most important
  2. Use easy font for make you content easy to read.
  3. Be informative blog, write what you know and what you like writing about
  4. Stay with your general topic and answer comments kindly and promptly
  5. Never make lame excuses for not updating (like this blog)
  6. Make your readers can reach you by email or web form.
  7. Deleting and blocking spam comments