Sunday, February 1, 2009

Make Money Writing - Turn Digital Photos Into Cash

If you want to make money writing, your digital camera gives you lots of ways you can turn words into cash. Both magazine and online editors love photos, and you'll often sell articles on the strength of your photographs. Aside from articles, there are many other ways to make money with photos.

Let's look at three ways you can turn your digital photos into cash.
1. Selling Magazine Articles With Photos

This is an obvious one. Editors of both mass-market and trade magazines love photographs. While most mass market editors may not use your photographs, preferring to hire a professional photographer if they decide to use your article, sending photographs with your queries makes your article queries stand out, and you'll sell more.

Of course, all editors of Web publications love photos too, and will eagerly buy your work.

Once you start thinking in terms of words AND photos, you'll get ideas for more articles. For example "how to" articles and tutorials are in huge demand on the Web. When you add photos, your tutorials are irresistible. If you can teach people anything from baking a cake to building a house, you can sell your tutorials on the Web all day long.

You can even decide to sell your tutorials as ebooks, which means that you'll have sources of passive income -- ebook tutorials tend to be evergreen, and will sell for years.

2. Stock Photos: Snap It and They Will Buy

Every website needs photographs. To cater for this huge demand, hundreds of stock photography websites have sprung up. These sites accept your photographs, and if somebody buys a copy of a photograph, you'll be paid. Payment varies on the the size of the photograph they buy and the rights they buy.

Payment for an individual photograph may be small, but once you have thousands of photos on the stock photography sites, this can make for a very nice income.

3. Sell Photos of your Bathtub for Money: You Never Know What One Photo May be Worth

I know several writers who've almost entirely given up writing, because they're so busy taking stock photographs. A few months ago, my friend Lola, who's been working as a freelance writer for 15 years, was documenting every stage of her home renovation with photography, and selling most of the images as stock. She sold the rest to websites.

Lola told me: "I documented every stage of the renovation; I took gigabytes of photos. You'd be amazed how much money I've already made. It's hard to believe, but I made $9000 just on a single photo of our old bathtub. I posted the photo to a stock site, and a buyer contacted me wanting to buy all rights. So of course I deleted it from the stock site, and sold the photo to him."

There are many more ways you can turn make money writing when you accompany your words with photos. Have fun discovering them.

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