Friday, February 5, 2010

Weather forecast tools

In Indonesia people have proverb "always provide umbrella before rain", that's meaning always make provision against occurrence of future. In fact Indonesia  as tropical state, this proverb can have a meaning you really always provide umbrella  if will go out house. Especially if you come between October till April.

But the rain season meaningless rain will happen every day, what the primal is how do you anticipate weather condition, to know weather condition with seeing weather forecast,  one of easy way, cheap and modestly by using freeware of weather forecast like Weather Pulse. This freeware display weather from internet, although do not 100% accurate, at least you know when the right time to bring umbrella.This freeware can be download at (5084 Kb, OS: XP, Vista).

You can compare result of Weather Pulse with using another weather forecast tools like this one "Weather Center" (1850 Kb, OS: 2003, XP, Vista) from, with using this freeware you can get live information about condition where you are.
Hopefully this short information can be useful, thanks for visit.

Some traditional tribe In South East Sulawesi believe if they want to stop rain when celebrate any traditional ceremony like wedding the woman bride must throw her UW into top of roof. Believe or not if they do that even sky look dark rain will not happen.

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