Monday, December 29, 2008

Little hacks for makeover standart “Thisaway” templates.

Finally my desire to make over this blog earn existed. This is my first blog in English language and for that I really sorry if what I write like “break ship”. I dont make new template (because I can't) just remove,put and replace new image in the right place.

According theme of this blog “All about Kendari”, I need to make some impression at first sight for everyone who visit this blog, and deciding Tolaki tribe as my themes for this template, like what you see now.
This templates name is “Thisaway-Green” created by Dan Rubin ( and my references how to hacks blog from Doug Cloud blog (

Before make any change with your own template please backup for your template, you must have image hosting or use free image hosting like Google pages or Yahoo! geocities and a basic knowledge about graphics design (Corel Draw and Photoshop).
This is what I do with my old template in Blogger control panel ` Layout ` Edit HTML and dont forget to check expand widget, and now please read carefully:
Background template- illustrated of image background taken from traditional cloth pattern of Tolaki, just find this code:

body {
margin: 0;
text-align: center;
min-width: 760px;
background: #9dce43 url(;
color: #4b6320;
font-size: small;

Replace the red code above with your URL background image.

Content background - You must know width your main bar and sidebar template to make image of content wrapper background, for this templates I just make image with size: 760 X 10px (main bar width: 490px and sidebar: 258px). After that, find this code bellow:

#content-wrapper {
position: relative;
width: 760px;
background: #f7f0e9 url( repeat-y left top;

Replace the red code above with your URL background image.


for another URLcodein area:

/* layout
--------------------- */

remove all link and just let empty.
Header - big Header hah..?? Yes that's very big head; this is picture of Umoara dance, one of the many traditional dances in Kendari (just find article about traditional dance in this blog).

Back to topic… for header and also footer I do different way, edited not in “Edit HTML” but with add widget, for header I just click Edit on header widget, upload image from my hard disk.

Finally my blog like what you see now, this way to fully loaded my holiday. Happy holyday and happy blogging to you and your family.


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