Thursday, August 14, 2008

How to Make “Menu Bar” In Blogspot

This question represent most question often be asked by many Blogger in Blogspot. In fact for appearance standard in Blogspot you will not find widget instructing to present navigating blog besides located navigation standard under posting in Main page.

In the following of this tutorial is show you how to create bar menu for your Blog template by adding element page in tabletop of your last article or in Header.


· Ensure that your article blog more than one and each article stay in different label, for example: "Tips And Trick", " Image" and " Contact.

· In order to the page transfer more seen don’t forget to arrange a lot of posting in Main page, its way by entering in control panel > arrangement > format > show up 2 posting in Main Page and don’t forget to save.

How to make html code in Notepad:

Open notepad in your PC (start > Program > Accessories > Notepad > click). When notepad opens please follow this scent such us hereunder picture.

Text Translate:

Halaman utama = Main Page.

NamaBlogAnda = your blog name.

Ke Halaman. = go to page.

Lihat gambar = show picture, name of Image page.

Cara hubungi saya= contact, name of Contact page.

After finishing the scent instruction, please save as with name “menu bar.html”. Be sure this file extension is “.html”.

Reopen this file to see result.

How to Upload Code to Blog:

· Sign in to your account in BlogSpot.

· In your control panel dashboard click “layout”, click “Add Element Page”.

· After new window show up, click “edit html” and copy paste your code which have been made in notepad.

· Click “buttons save” to save your code.

· Now place result of “Add Element Page” as your blog header, and click save.

· Click “Preview” button to show result.

Congratulation now have menu bar in your blog.

If you want to see result which have been made please click here.

or for try make menu bar  versi 2.0 (add CSS and HTML code in your template code ) you can copy here.

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