Saturday, February 16, 2008

Traditional Dance of Tolaki Tribe

The heritage from ancestor of Tolaki Tribe in category art dance for example is Mondotambe Dance and Umo’ara Dance, both dance often be seen at big celebrating such as Traditional Weeding’s, great crop, opening of people festival and expectation of district guest.
Mondotambe Dance have meaning as wellcome word, happiness, bliss and respect from local peope or the host wich posed into this Traditional dance, ussually conduct by five beutifull and young girl with line from music castenets beat named “Karandu”.

Umoara dance ussually conduct by two Man using traditional War Uniform completed with Sword and Shield, This dance have meaning as patriotism and knigh spirit of Tolaki Tribe and expression of higher respect and protection to all guest.

My personal experience when show this both dance in my wedding day, can’t be illustrated by any word, what I feel is emotion and proud as a part of Tolaki Tribe. One matter which I learn is every culture of ancestor heritage in the form of dance, music tools, clothes and also house architecture and procession in each ceremony created as they praise expression to thanks for God. And also for identity as a human being.

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