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History Of Kendari

Kendari City, a period of Dutch colonial Governance is capital of kewedanan and capital of Onder Afdeling Laiwoi, with wide region that moment is more or less 31,420 Km2. Along with the growth as commerce center and port of interisland sea, Kendari continue grower became capital of regency and included in Province South Arch South-East of Sulawesi (Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan Tenggara).
In 1964  Indonesia government  release Regulation of Government number 13, concerning forming Province of south-east and specify Kendari as provincial capital which consist of  2 regional  district, namely District of Kendari and District of Mandonga with region width is 76,76 Km2.
Pursuant To Regulation of Government Number 19 Year 1978, City of Kendari specified to become Administrative City and round into 3 regional of district with region width is 187,990 Km2, covering District Of Kendari, District of Mandonga and District of Poasia.
During Administrative City of Kendari formed, successively become Mayor is:
·                     H. MANSYUR PAMADENG (1978 - 1979 )
·                     Drs. H.M. ANTERO HAMPA (1980 – 1985)
·                     Drs. H. ANAS BUNGGASI (1985 – 1988)
·                     H. ADY MANGILEP, as executor of duty ( 1988 – 1991)
·                     Drs. A. KAHARUDIN, as executor of duty (1991 – 1992)
·                     Drs. H. USMAN SABARA, as executor of duty (1993)
·                     Drs. H. LM SALIHIN SABORA (1993 – 1995)
·                     Kol. (Inf) A. RASYID HAMZAH, as executor of duty (1995)
Through intention and struggle which long enough by townie wishing Town of Kendari Administrative become Municipality Area Level II (Kotamadya Tingkat II) as autonomous area, finally Augustus 03 (1995) Government release Law/code Number 6 Year 1995 concerning change Administrative City status of Kendari become Municipality Area Level II, opened by Ministry of Home Affairs on September 27 (1995) and date of is also be specified as Kendari Municipal birthday.
After Municipality Area Level II Kendari formed, Central Government constitute Drs. LASJKAR KOEDOES as Functionary  mayor of Municipality KDH Tk II Kendari, commencing from September 27 (1995) until September 27 (1996).
Hereinafter, applied Governmental Law Number 22 Year 1999 concerning Autonomy Area, term of Area Level II and Municipality by itself turn into Sub-Province and City so that Kendari City  become autonomous district , owning rights to arrange its own domestic .
(Citation from article of “Sejarah Kota Kendari” at )

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